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The Executive Agency Medical Audit aims at encouraging the continuous improvement of quality and safety of medical services to citizens and increasing the professionalism of all those employed in healthcare system, thereby ensuring access of Bulgarian citizens to quality, safe and effective medical services.

The activities include:

  • Examining the structure, management, operation and organization of medical services in hospitals.
  • Examining the compliance with the rights of patients in hospitals.
  • Examining the compliance with medical standards in hospitals.
  • Monitoring the quality of medical services in accordance with established medical standards.
  • Examining the way in which hospitals spend the funds allocated from the state budget.
  • Carrying out work in preventing corrupt acts and practices in hospitals.
  • Monitoring the provision of basic package of health care guaranteed by the National Health Insurance Fund/Regional Health Insurance Fund and the provision of health services under contracts concluded between insurers and providers of medical services.

Contact and information

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